crime and punishment

In the Garden (?) of Good and Evil

By Barbara B. Levine Watching the 1962 movie Cape Fear between visits to various news channels to keep abreast of the current Ukrainian tragedy raised troubling and difficult questions about the way a law-abiding society deals with pure evil. A… Read More ›

Beyond Our Border

TEXAS Nationally, Republicans have issued strong denials that state legislation regarding voter access is intended to benefit their party. In 2021, the Texas legislature adopted new restrictions upon voter ID that have resulted in thousands of rejections by Texas officials… Read More ›

The Limits of Freedom

The current debate in opposition to mask and vaccine mandates explicitly and implicitly resonates with a notion about freedom, or to be more precise, restrictions thereon. At its July 2018 convention, the nation’s Libertarian Party platform set forth in a… Read More ›

An Unanswered Question

Last week, VoxFairfax posed the question ”What Are Republicans For?” The query was not original to our blog but had been cast by President Biden at his marathon presser last month. There were no identifiable media or internet reports of… Read More ›

Miyares Unbridled

Editors’ Note: Cross-posted from The Washington Post, January 19, 2022. By Justin Jouvenal Virginia’s new Attorney General Jason S. Miyares has already launched a probe of a state parole board he feels failed crime victims, fired several employees, including in… Read More ›

Around the Novahood

1 LIBRARY FINES NO MORE Fairfax County has joined neighbors Alexandria City and Loudoun and Prince William counties in eliminating fines for overdue books and other materials. Experiences in the other jurisdictions has shown a marked increase in the return… Read More ›

War on Children, Chapter 6

Editors’ Note: This is the final chapter of a six-chapter expose by ProPublica, an independent, nonprofit “newsroom” that produces investigative journalism “with moral force.” The treatment of children in Tennessee reported here, of whatever race, by local officials, is almost… Read More ›