Book Review

BLOWOUT by Rachel Maddow

Reviewed by Jim McCarthy Rachel Maddow is an uncontested star of MSNBC’s cable news and a powerhouse behind its ratings. In the opening pages of Blowout, she traces the history of ExxonMobil from the days of John D. Rockefeller setting… Read More ›

A WARNING by Anonymous

Book Review by Michael Fruitman You’ve no doubt already read elsewhere the more newsworthy excerpts from this book, but it is worth reading in its entirety. It goes far beyond the regrettable details of the President’s daily life in the… Read More ›

THE NIGHT FIRE by Michael Connelly

Book Review by Jim McCarthy I am not embarrassed to admit that I am a habitual fan of the genre of police procedurals, whether British, Italian, Canadian, or any other well-woven criminal investigation. Michael Connelly has developed an extensive franchise… Read More ›

CARELESS LOVE by Peter Robinson: A Review

Reviewed by Jim McCarthy Admitting to an addiction always generates some anxiety even if the habit is fixed to fictional police procedurals. Peter Robinson has created Inspector Alan Banks and woven two dozen intricate and intriguing crime tales to challenge… Read More ›

THESE TRUTHS by Jill Lepore

Reviewed by Jim McCarthy A history read can often be a serious undertaking but sometimes not difficult, especially concerning the United States since most folks have studied the subject in school. Sometimes a history read is difficult because of the… Read More ›

IN A HOUSE OF LIES by Ian Rankin: A Review

Review by Jim McCarthy This reviewer has previously admitted to an addiction to legal and police procedural fiction. Ian Rankin’s franchise of novels, taking place in Scotland and centering upon the irascible, unpredictable detective John Rebus, present a world of… Read More ›