Book Review

IN A HOUSE OF LIES by Ian Rankin: A Review

Review by Jim McCarthy This reviewer has previously admitted to an addiction to legal and police procedural fiction. Ian Rankin’s franchise of novels, taking place in Scotland and centering upon the irascible, unpredictable detective John Rebus, present a world of… Read More ›

TESTIMONY by Scott Turow: A Review

Review by Jim McCarthy Admittedly, this reviewer, a retired attorney, favors reading legal novels, especially thrillers or suspense tales. Scott Turow ventured away from US shores to craft a story about an incident in the very complicated ethnic conflict in Bosnia… Read More ›

Defectors, by Joseph Kanon

Reviewed by Jim McCarthy Occasionally, it’s a good thing for a blog that tends to be serious to reveal its lighter side and share its interest in fiction, especially police procedurals and spy tales. Defectors is set in Russia in… Read More ›