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Fairfax County has joined neighbors Alexandria City and Loudoun and Prince William counties in eliminating fines for overdue books and other materials. Experiences in the other jurisdictions has shown a marked increase in the return of overdue materials–experiences that are mirrored nationwide.

The chair of Fairfax’s Library Board of Trustees said the policy change is intended to encourage all individuals to take advantage of the library system calling the fines “a significant barrier to equitable access to information and library services.” A library analysis showed that overdue fines affect young people and individuals in low-income areas the most.

We wonder whether this public policy decision represents a continued march toward lawlessness championed by progressive advocates. If no one pays, we all pay. What’s next? No water or electricity turn-offs for deadbeats? The absence of library fines means youth can retain pornographic materials without penalty, depriving others of secretive pleasures.


“Concerned” Loudoun County parents recently staged a demonstration outside of the Loudoun County Public Schools administration building representing the growing number of families supposedly leaving the district following allegations of indoctrination and sexual assault cover-up by the school board.

The advocacy group “Citizens for Freedom” placed approximately 650 pairs of shoes outside of the building. It was designed to show that “families and teachers will continue to leave en masse from Loudoun County Public Schools as a result of the lack of focus on education and safety for students,” according to a press release.

Citizens for Freedom is demanding an increase in “parental rights, children’s safety, medical freedom,” and an end to “indoctrination,” according to a sign planted outside the administration building. “Each pair of shoes represents a family who has left or will leave LCPS,” the sign reads. No verification of that assertion was provided.

Despite vows from group members to find “alternative sources” of education, a schools spokesman reports that “attendance has risen since the beginning of the year; we are averaging 96 percent attendance, which is one of the highest rates in the state.”

The protest group did not identify the alleged former owners of the shoes.


A federal lawsuit filed by a prominent civil rights attorney alleges that police officers in Fairfax County protected a sex trafficking ring in northern Virginia in exchange for free sex from the trafficked women. The lawsuit also names the former Fairfax County Police chief, Ed Roessler, as a defendant, alleging that he helped cover up for the officers when another detective’s work threatened to expose their wrongdoing.

The suit was filed on behalf of a Costa Rican woman identified in the lawsuit only as “Jane Doe.” It says the officers would tip off the trafficking ring to suspend its advertisements on sites such as in advance of sting operations run by police. According to the lawyer who filed the suit on the Costa Rican woman’s behalf, police have essentially corroborated elements of the woman’s allegations by providing him with names of the officers involved in the alleged misconduct.

Perhaps ironically, the lawyer tried for months to negotiate with the county to avoid filing a lawsuit, because he believed a trial would be an emotional burden for his client. While he is seeking a monetary settlement, he said his primary goal was to ensure some level of accountability for the officers. “I begged the county to resolve this without litigation. I said, ”Let’s get some accountability here,’” he said in a phone interview. “In the end they told me to go pound sand. … This lawsuit is going to be difficult for my client, but it’s going to be a whole lot more difficult for the county.” The amended lawsuit also includes allegations from a former Fairfax police detective who says his efforts to investigate sex trafficking were thwarted by one of the named defendants, who was a sergeant and his supervisor. As the detective pressed his efforts to investigate, he said he was threatened by high-ranking officers. He said he even received a call from Roessler, whose voice he recognized even though he did not identify himself, saying “I need to make sure you’re willing to play ball,” according to the lawsuit.

Crimes committed by crime stoppers is the very definition of corruption.   




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  1. So … Was the Fairfax County sex trafficking ring run out of a pizza place housed in a property owned by the Trump Organization??? Will the Trump/GOP echo chamber defend the Thin Blue Line? Or will the officers be trolled by those who believe they’re losers because they got caught?

    Hopefully, the County and its officers will be half accountable. One way or another.

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