Dis United States of Dystopia

By Barbara Levine

Dystopian Drawings | PixelsIn dis United States, lies trump truth. Fear trumps reason. Laws are optional–applied in draconian measures on some and not at all on others. Money talks, everyone else walks. Self trumps community. Those who balk at masks and vaccines for the health and safety of all, crying keep government away from my body, leap at the opportunity to control a woman’s right to choose and complain that giving women rights causes men to look at pornography.

In dis United States, walking or driving or just existing while Black is a crime punishable by death. There is no asylum in dis United States for people who seek the safety and freedom of a country that once defined itself as the world’s melting pot–the place where “give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” greeted all who approached her shores.
In dis United States it is a crime to give a drink of water to someone waiting on line to vote. In fact, in dis United States, the will of the people shall now be trumped by the will of the party in control of the state legislature.
In dis United States it is the media that controls the message and decides who shall be given the bully pulpit and who shall be derided and ignored.
In dis United States there is health care for the wealthy but only disease and death for those who cannot pay.
In dis United States only our myths are taught. The realities of slavery and discrimination, of belligerence and warmongering, of the slaughter and incarceration of indigenous people and people of color are covered over and ignored.
Dis is where we are and we are headed for more and more of dis. Unless we start to truly stand up and fight.
Dis is where we are and we are headed for more and more of dis. Unless we start to truly stand up and fight. Unless we call out the contrived agendas and made up “buzz words” and “dog whistles.” Unless we do everything in OUR power to prevent those who worship at Dis from taking power. So the question is: Is DIS what we want for our country? Or do we want something better?

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