A Lesson (a tone poem)

By Barbara Baum Levine

It’s 2016 and the Party is coping
With 17 candidates, each one hoping
To be the next Republican President
And undo the distasteful precedent
Of the man from Kenya.
White men from the Senate,
A political heir, our own Black doctor
And even a girl
Surely the electorate will give one of these a whirl.
But then, down the escalator
Once a Democrat–sort of a traitor
Came a joker, a clown
Surely he’ll be voted down.
Election night 2016
Democrats are gathered all keen,
To elect the first woman President America has seen.
Republicans mutter,
We’ve lost it for sure
How could we have offered a candidate so poor.
When out of the blue
The precincts are counted
It couldn’t be true–but the numbers are mounted
The folks of the country have voted–those lumps
And elected this madman, this nut-
Donald Trump.
Republicans gathered to cheer at their win
And rally behind this joke with chagrin.
We’ve learned a great lesson they all could agree–
You CAN fool the people
They’re easy to scare
They WILL trust your lies
If there’s others to fear.
We can close down the polls
Give campaigning to trolls
Just give folks a gun and alternative facts
Leave running the country
To Republican hacks.

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