Beyond Our Border

Editors’ Note: VoxFairfax decided to supplement the geographical view of our features Around the Novahood and Beyond the Novahood by introducing a new feature intended as a reminder that, beyond the Commonwealth, there exists another universe of events of interest. Many of these arrive as matters that sometimes strain credibility and reason. This is our second edition of  Beyond Our Border. 


Think hard to recall the last time you enjoyed (if you did) Baked Alaska, a sponge cake with ice cream covered with meringue. The Alaska GOP has censured three-term Senator Lisa Murkowski generally for unfaithfulness to the former president and his policies, along with a vote in the Senate to impeach. It portends to be a delicious fight about loyalty and survival. Should serious civil and any criminal charges be brought against the 45th POTUS, the voter test, even in a primary, may be quite different from that of the party as the Baked Alaska is in the oven. The state party has vowed to recruit candidates to primary Ms. Murkowski. If she runs and wins, crow may be the dessert. Folks underestimate Murkowski at their peril; she won the last primary as a write-in candidate, in which supporters needed to learn how to spell MURKOWSKI.


The Peach State lost a major league baseball game in zero innings as Major League Baseball moved its long-planned All Star game from Atlanta to Denver. Anxious to fix the unexpected and startling loss of two US Senate seats and complaints by a former president of a stolen state election, conservative Republicans with unusual speed passed legislation to reform, or deform, the state’s election procedures and processes. The changes included making it illegal to offer water to in-line voters within 150 feet of the poll and the power for the legislature to overturn county election results. It was signed into law in a closed session Zoom meeting witnessed by six white male legislators beneath an oil painting of a plantation. Other major corporations have denounced the measure including Coca-Cola.  Mitch McConnell reminded folks that Republicans, too, drink Coke.. 


Ammon Bundy, the perennial malcontent, was to appear in state court recently to defend against charges of trespass. Instead, he was arrested on a judge’s warrant for failure to appear. That failure was a deliberate one as Bundy stood outside the courthouse refusing to enter due to mask-wearing regulations. His masskhole defiance led to his arrest along with that of several supporters. Bundy appears determined to participate in revolving door justice, which collides with his anti-government ideology. Oh well, consistency not required for conservatives or insurrectionists.


Several weeks ago, a NC television station reported on a six-year-old defendant in juvenile court for the offense of picking a flower at a bus stop. The Tar Heel State boasts the lowest age for juvenile court jurisdiction in the nation, if not the world. While it may not be difficult to construct the universe of potential offenses that might be committed by juvies between the ages of 6-10, imagining the words of a charging law enforcement officer as well as court proceedings is a challenge. “Kid, did you read the sign prohibiting flower picking? You say you can’t yet read but I tell you ignorance of the sign is no defense. Tell it to the judge.” It appears that in NC, some heels remain tarred and stuck in the past.


The shoe size of the senior senator from Wisconsin, Ron Johnson, is not material to the number of occasions upon which he places the left or right one in his mouth. Sabots are the simple, wooden shoes traditionally worn during the Industrial Revolution and sometimes thrown into machinery leading to the term sabotage. Johnson promoted a video explanation of his lack of fear from the congressional invaders on January 6 because they were, in his opinion, white law-abiding citizens, not BLM or antifa protesters, of whom he definitely would be afraid. Even with a mouthful of sabots, he could not have said it better.


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