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Liberal bastions are not immune to right wing outrages. Recently, at a meeting of the Fairfax County Library Board, the Springfield District representative presented a Trump-style rant that echoed QAnon. Among the representative’s comments:

  • 65% of my employees are African American
  • Why are we highlighting the Muslim writers? 
  • We have this new word ‘systemic racism.’ I’m not sure anybody knows what it means.…
  • We’re changing the history of America here.…
  • Black lives documentaries – why don’t we have some white lives documentaries? Black Lives Matter people are communists, they’re Marxists.
  • We have rainbow books for young readers. I don’t know what we’re going to encourage our young readers to do…. Those types of titles are offensive to many, many citizens of Fairfax County – they’re offensive to the Catholic community, they’re offensive to the Baptist community, they’re offensive to the Mormon community.…

To the mind of this individual, library content is clearly out of control.  What is the conspiracy that we are missing? The Dranesville trustee whose comments were received as supporting the Springfield member, resigned his position.


George Mason University janitors considering forming a union are facing retaliation from their employer, according to a complaint filed with the National Labor Relations Board. The complaint alleges that janitors have been targeted with surveillance and interrogation about potential union activity by their employer, H&E Cleaning in Manassas. The janitors are contract employees and are not directly employed by the university.

The Service Employees International Union says the janitors may be improperly classified as independent contractors. The union further said that the janitors are only paid once a month and have received bad checks or checks for less than what they believe they are owed. 

Culturally, traditionally, and historically, libertarians and those involved in unions tend not to understand or trust each other. The Commonwealth’s anti-labor organization history contributes to the issue. But, as Koch money and influence have reigned for decades upon decades, it seems par for the course at GMU.


According to the [Arlington] County Board chair, “We are expecting a large turnout of voters during a pandemic that is still far from controlled. Important concerns have been raised about the Post Office’s ability to handle mail-in balloting. It is vital that the County do whatever we can to make voting easy and safe.” In addition, the county is leasing a vacant, ground-level storefront in Courthouse Plaza to replace a polling place where some voters had waited up to 90 minutes to vote ahead of the 2016 election.

The expectation of a large turnout is in line with a graph recently published by (the Virginia Public Access Project) comparing demand for mail ballots in 2016 with this year, by congressional districts ( For CD 8, Virginia inside the Beltway, the total for 2016 was 35,848. This year, through August 25, the total is 79,925–an increase of 123% according to data from the Virginia Department of Elections. 

Further, Virginians hoping to vote absentee may soon be able to drop off their ballots in a box outside their local election office under legislation advanced by state lawmakers Thursday. The legislation was pitched in the form of a budget bill that will immediately fund new local election activities — including the drop boxes and prepaid return postage on all absentee ballots — that Democrats say will ease voting during the pandemic. Eleven other states have ballot drop boxes.





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