The Wall of Silence

By Barbara Baum Levine

With respect and gratitude to Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, whose lyrical poetry and music continues to enlighten our perspectives.

Hello, black folks, my dear friends,

I’ve come to shoot you down again

So racism keeps on creeping

Into a country if it’s sleeping

And the vision of police are planted in my brain

And there they remain

As most of us stay silent.


In sleepless nights of CNN

We watch streets of angry men.

‘Neath the visor of a COVID mask

They turn away from the CS gas

And they fall from the flash of rubber bullets’ flight

That split the night

Yet most of us stay silent.


And in the naked light we saw

Ten million people – maybe more

People chanting I cannot breathe

People pleading Please believe

People saying our lives matter, don’t you care

But no one dares

Tear down that wall of silence.


Fools said we don’t yet know

Your silence like a cancer grows

Hear our words that we might teach you

Feel our pain that we might reach you

For too long our words like silent rain drops fell

And land in the abyss of silence.


And the people march and pray

And hope a new election may

Tear down the wall of silence.






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