When Words Fail You, Tweet a Conspiracy

Image result for lynne pattonLynne Patton … hmm, where have we heard that name before? Oh, yeah–the Trump family party planner (hey, she planned Eric’s wedding!) whose lack of public housing experience made her especially suitable to be the highest-ranking official at HUD’s Region II (New York and New Jersey) bureau (and she’s still there).  Her resume states she has worked for the Trump family since 2009, including a stint with Celebrity Apprentice, all of which under White House vetting ensures that she can be a senior government agency official responsible for a major portion of the nation’s public housing. No problemo!  

In fact, so committed to her role is Ms. Patton, she announced in November 2018 that she would leave her Trump Tower apartment and take up residence in a public housing unit. This, despite the fact that she likely does not qualify financially for public housing. But, then, it would be just another perk for a member of the Swamp. The plan, however, was further detailed to clarify that she would move in with NYC public housing “volunteers” to experience first hand their circumstances. As of January 2019, Patton tweeted that her plans were on hold due to the government shutdown. BTW, other details of her self-sacrifice noted that she would spend weekends with her boyfriend at her apartment in Trump Tower. The best laid plans of tweeters go awry.

Patton also appeared as the nonspeaking “prop” at Michael Cohen’s congressional hearing, prompting Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) to exclaim, “Just because someone has a … black person working for them does not mean they aren’t racist.” Obviously, Tlaib is not convinced that the President is the “least racist person” in the world, a modest statement of relativism among all racists.

Well, she’s back! In the wake of Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide, Patton (“Do more than is required of you”) went on Instagram to claim that he was murdered by Hillary Clinton. She added, “P.S. Let me know when I’m supposed to feel badly about this,” adding the hashtag, #VinceFosterPartTwo. Not to be outdone, from his golf vacation in Bedminster, New Jersey, the President retweeted two posts repeating the Epstein-Clinton murder/pedophile conspiracy. The ghosts of presidents past continue to haunt this administration and its promoters such as Ms. Patton.  

Look, they know I tend to put my foot in my mouth. They were a little concerned that maybe with some alcohol I might be a little too freewheeling….

Recently, she obtained permission from the White House to participate in a reality television show in development about black Republicans . . . all while serving as the administrator overseeing grants to more than 800,000 vulnerable households and providing homeless services to more than 80,000 people. On the organization chart, African-American Ben Carson is Ms. Patton’s boss who, it cannnot be said, approved her leave to work on the reality show. Carson continues to pull the wagon for the White House reality show.

“Look, they know I tend to put my foot in my mouth. They were a little concerned that maybe with some alcohol I might be a little too freewheeling on a show like this,” Patton said. “I think that’s what everybody hopes for on a docuseries or reality show. But they were very supportive.”

Now, can’t you just hear that coming from the mouth of another high-ranking government official? Only in Trumpworld. Only in conspiratorial America!

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