SHORT TAKES: Alabama Editor Resignation, Labor Outreach, Henrico Dems’ Desperation

RACIST ALABAMA EDITOR CAUSES BLACK SUCCESSOR TO RESIGN.  As VoxFairfax reported on February 24 [Racist Politics Still Runs Very, Very Deep in Our Nation], a white newspaper editor in Alabama urged the KKK to “ride again.” He subsequently resigned as editor, naming a black woman in his place. Now, she has resigned, citing “interference from the owner”–her predecessor as editor.

LABOR AFFILIATE TO SPEND $500K ON STATE ELECTION OUTREACHWorking America, the 3-million-member community affiliate of the AFL-CIO, has committed $500,000 to launch a high-powered field organizing and innovative digital communications campaign in Virginia through Labor Day. Using face-to-face outreach, Working America will mobilize working Virginians around a working families agenda, including increased investment in the state’s public education system. The group has been active in the Commonwealth for close to 15 years; it has helped push for the Affordable Care Act, won 15 races, and developed particular expertise in mobilizing working-class voters.

THE SMELL OF DESPERATION STINKS, WHETHER REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRATIC.  On May 18, 2018, VoxFairfax slammed the VA GOP for a press release accusing a Democratic candidate of “virulent anti-Semitism” in connection with material in a book she had written on Israel-US relations (Democrats Nominate Virulent Anti-Semite in the Fifth District). The GOP never backed down, while its candidate won a close election. Nearly one year later, the Henrico County Democrats posted a Facebook piece accusing Republican House Speaker Kirk Cox of posing for a photo while making a “white power” gesture, one identical to that of the New Zealand shooter in a courtroom photo. With the weasely disclaimer “We are not body language experts” the county Dems went on to state that the Speaker “should not make the same white power gesture” as the New Zealand terrorist. One wonders what clever imp with access to the Democratic Henrico County Facebook page thought this was fair political dialogue. Worse, the message was coupled with a fundraising pitch to “sweep the racist, good old boy network out of office.” Ugh! If this is the best they can do, they ought not be in the political game at all. Desperation stinks, no matter from what side of the political spectrum it emanates.

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