A Year in the Life . . . VoxFairfax Turns 1 Year Old

Image result for blogBeginning March 25, 2018, two Fairfax writers with a political and cultural bent began publishing a blog–and thus VoxFairfax was born. 

As we begin our second year, our goals remain: to start meaningful conversations among readers on topics that matter to society, political and otherwise, with a tie-in to the Commonwealth of Virginia where possible. We are gratified to say that we have published some 270 pieces and have received nearly 1,500 visits and 4,400 views. 

How has our world changed from a year ago? What has VoxFairfax focused on? Let’s take a look. . . .

In no particular order, we have examined–through our own thoughts and the views of others–ethics, SCOTUS, gerrymandering, unions, North Korea, Virginia history, voting, trolling, charities, state government, the Electoral College, the NRA, the power of photography, felons, anti-Semitism, climate change, racism, VA prisons, the VA judiciary, libertarianism, labor, predatory lending, student protests, abortion, the ERA, Trump, church and state, vaccinations, and ignorance. Any many other topics. 

We’ve looked at these subjects through various prisms: individual, corporate, societal, historical.

So where are we today?

  1. We are at a time of deep division. Conflict seems to be the norm. Can you remember a time in recent history when cooperation and collegiality ruled our daily lives or our political landscape? The us v. them paradigm appears all-encompassing.
  2. Income inequality has produced social classes living in two distinct Americas. Some thrive, others barely get by. The rich are indeed getting richer and the poor are increasingly less able to make it. Whatever socioeconomic policy we think we have seems to be failing.
  3. Political parties talk to their bases, not to others. Due to the stranglehold that the ultra-right has on the GOP, and its ability–in the Senate–to impose its will on the rest of the nation, social and other policies with which only a third of Americans agree are becoming law. And Democrats are struggling with whether moderate or farther left policies will attract the most voters.
  4. Forward-back-forward-back. Many of the laws and policies enacted by the Obama Administration are being dismantled. And even in the majority of cases, where courts have ruled that the Trump Administration’s actions violate the law and must be rescinded, such can take years; one prime example is environmental regulation. 
  5. In Virginia, the left has made marked gains, yet is saddled with unfortunate scandal. The blackface revelations by Messrs. Northam and Herring, and the sexual assault allegations against Mr. Fairfax, have thrown Virginia Democrats into chaos.
  6. Individual issues seem to be adjudicated according to ideology. Whether it be membership on the Supreme Court, vaccination for measles, Confederate statues, or guns, adherents seem to simply go to their corners and fight the opposition.

It doesn’t seem very positive, does it? 

We hope that VoxFairfax has helped by bringing to public attention various sides of the issues and offering a place where readers can voice their agreement or disagreement, offer thoughtful commentary, and even contribute articles. As we enter our second year, this is the area that your editors would like to see grow substantially, so that our blog becomes more of a two-way discussion than a one-sided proclamation. 

As we said 365 days ago, this is your blog, too. Please let us know how it can better serve you.

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