Ubercon-centric App Welcomed

Move over Yelp!

Uberconservatives have been alarmed by the rise in the number and intensity of public incidents and displays of hostility to identifiable right-wing individuals since the 2016 presidential election. Confrontations have occurred on college campuses and at farm-to-table restaurants. MAGA-obsessed activists tweeted about the necessity to travel in an armored car in Minneapolis due to threats from Islamist forces that had overtaken the city’s police. Enter the MAGAMAX app!

The app’s creator cited the necessity to protect the physical safety of right-wing personalities from “socialist goon squads.” While the rhetoric may seem extreme to some, the reality of psychically bruised egos and embarrassing shaming incidents is an actual occurrence, and may cause lasting damage.

The new app identifies MAGA-safe, -unsafe, and -neutral businesses; places and sources that are welcoming to righties and those of which one must beware. Safe and neutral are rated with red hat MAGA icons from 1-5, while unsafe is designated on a scale of 1-5 snowflakes. The ratings scheme is intended to appeal across the right ideological spectrum as a big tent for RINOs, cuckservatives, and traditional GOP adherents.

VoxFairfax reviewed [NOT!] the app’s Virginia content, concluding that the Commonwealth itself scored equally 3 MAGAs and 3 Snowflakes, a definite mixed review. The sole 5-snowflake entry was Lexington’s Red Hen restaurant, which, you may recall, refused to serve a party of diners that included Sarah Huckabee Sanders in June 2018. Other entries span the commercial spectrum from dating and real estate sites to locations of historical or cultural significance or interest. Here are a few examples:

  • a dating app that offers personal and political profiles of participants,
  • several real estate companies, such as StaytotheRight.not, to assist users in identifying compatible neighborhoods, and
  • several white identity sites such as American Renaissance [Oakton] for those unfilled moments in a motel room.

The number of physical locations in Virginia noted in the app is extensive; here are a few—mostly 5-MAGA-rated:

  • the Antonin Scalia School of Law [ASSOL] at George Mason University;
  • the NRA Museum of Firearms;
  • the Trump Golf Course in Sterling and Trump Winery near Charlottesville;
  • one of the 26 largest Confederate flags [near Charlottesville] across the Commonwealth;
  • a guided walking tour of the neo-Nazi march in Charlottesville; tiki torch and CD of chants at extra cost;
  • the site in Arlington of the assassination of George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American Nazi Party; and
  • Wythe County, site of one of the last recorded lynchings in Virginia, in August 1926.

A small handful of locations received between 2 and 3 MAGAs: Harry F. Byrd’s birthplace in Winchester scored low, likely due to the fact that he was a Democrat; Liberty University, despite the fact that it has a shooting range; and Immanuel Christian School in Springfield, where Karen Spence teaches.

As Fox’s Tucker Carlson decries that white conservatives are an endangered species, this new app offers comfort and solace to the right wing—and proof that Tucker just hasn’t looked hard enough. Investors in the product are encouraged, despite marketing data that indicate a user population equivalent to that of political polling results. Plans call for promotional plugs from Steve Bannon, Sebastian Gorka, former AG J. Beauregard Sessions, and Anthony Scaramucci. Ann Coulter and Judge Jeanine Pirro are also mentioned as enthusiasts.

“Vast numbers are not the sole safety net when you have a bunker or silo of like-minded comrades,” one critic observed, “like the glory of an Alamo recreation.”




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