March 12, 1609:  The island of Bermuda is colonized by the British after a ship on its way to Virginia is wrecked on the reefs.

March 12, 1888:  The Great Blizzard of ’88 strikes the northeastern U.S. The storm lasts 36 hours with snowfall totaling over 40 inches in New York City, where over 400 persons die from the surprise storm.

March 12, 1994:  The Church of England ordains 32 women as its first female priests. In protest, 700 male clergy members and thousands of church members leave the church and join the Roman Catholic Church, which does not allow women priests.

March 16, 1968:  During the Vietnam War, the My Lai Massacre occurs as American soldiers of Charlie Company murder 504 Vietnamese men, women, and children. Twenty-five U.S. Army officers are later charged with complicity in the massacre and subsequent cover-up, but only one is convicted, and later pardoned by President Richard Nixon.

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