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The English language is a wonderful gift, especially as it evolves and ascribes more and more subtleties to accepted words and terms. This dynamic is a hallmark of political dialogue.  Here are the annual entries by VoxFairax.

Acostacision – covert plea deal struck for wealthy pedophile

Barrista – DOJ apparatchik dedicated to ensuring that the King is not seen without clothes

Boltonize – process of converting traditional diplomacy into physical contact sport

Cohensible – cognitive quality related to generally held incredible and credible wrongdoings by a president

Conwaying – gerund denoting marital differences of opinion publicly displayed

Crimea and Ukraine – provinces of Russia depicted on White House and Kremlin maps

Deep State – mythological kingdom or netherworld populated with creatures dangerous to colluders, conspirators, liars, obstructionists, and misogynists

Donerickill – urban version of roadkill, particularly that thrown deliberately under a bus

Emolument – monetary system for corrupt officials replacing gold standard

Fake Crimes – category of criminal law to be ascribed to contents of report by Robert Mueller; see also Fake News

Fake News – all media utterances not vetted by Sean Hannity

Flynnectomy – surgical excision of diseased material threatening widespread infection or collapse of an organization

Javanka –  non-military transgender presidential policy adviser 

High Crimes and Misdemeanors – official conduct as measured by total number of lies issued while in office; see also Fake Crimes

MAGA – acronym for Make All Geese American as counterpoint to unfair trade practices used by Canada

Manafortia – state of psychological delusion marked by lows of lying and highs of pardon fantasies

Mar-a-Lago – also known as MAL, its code assigned by the International Air Transport Association; ‘mal” derives from the Latin root meaning evil [e.g. , malice]; MAL is often a euphemism for a meeting location for ignorant ideologues or dubiously wealthy individuals

McConnellistan – primitive, undeveloped tundra-like plain inhospitable to most life forms except the Mongolian box turtle

Mexico – sinister, fabled realm of undesirable inhabitants in North American mythology and folklore capable of undertaking massive architectural projects in distant lands

Mueller – stubborn, uncontrollable government employee or adversary pronounced “muler” and likely a citizen of the deep state

Mulvaneying – practice of issuing official, misleading  statements while wearing different hats to avoid attribution

National Debt – The aggregate amount of money a nation of taxpayers owes; correlatively, nontaxpayers owe nothing.

Pelosiphobia – mental disorder or dysfunction resulting from tidal wave phenomenon

Pencemanhood – state of suspended animation requiring plastered smile and toadying conduct usually cloaked in religious fervor

Perryogram (or Carsonogram) – intelligence quotient measures applied in zero G gravity applying to government agency management

Pompeosity – tenor of foreign policies at which foreign governments chuckle or remain silent

Pre-existing condition – (1) plank in political party platform designed to induce amnesia among voters; slogan of sound and fury signifying nothing; (2) GOP plan restoring health care coverage that existed prior to the Affordable Care Act

Priebusness – appearance of busyness or preoccupation while remaining perfectly still 

Pruittigation – act or process of substituting ignorance for knowledge while in a soundproofed enclosure 

Putinesque – description of a nation’s foreign policy resembling rationality but chaotic in fact

Recusal – a rare ethical determination occasionally fatal to officials with a southern drawl

Religion – a worshiper’s belief that he/she and god are morally justified to discriminate against all others.

Rudymentary – fiction of apparent legal principle arising from online scholarship or clickbait

Ryanometrics – failed trickle down economic theory often developing in childhood, sometimes following the reading of Ayn Rand

Sandership – tactic of deflecting conversation or question from the purpose of the speaker or inquisitor;  sometimes also employed as synonym for snarling insult

Scaramuccillini – sphincter shaped pasta noodle subject to extremely short shelf life

Schitt – persistently and consistently annoying Democrat

Sessionsness – split loyalty or personality state similar to bipolar political disorder

Spicerup – emphatic or declarative statement generally concluded with “period” asserting an alternative fact

Swampton – mythological jurisdictional homeland where the blood of taxpayers is drained on a daily basis

Trumpsplaining – communications characterized by deflection and falsehoods usually in response to factual question or inquiry

Truth is not truth – phrase proposed to replace E Pluribus Unum and In God We Trust

Voter – one who cannot be trusted to do the right thing in an election in North Carolina.  

Voter Fraud – defensive phrase employed by right wing advocates failing to understand or accepting  electoral results

Whitakeritis – medical condition caused by extreme fawning

Zinkelandia – government or publicly owned land including national parks slated for transfer to private ownership





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