Fashion Fascionistas Flummoxed

Hair on fire tweets are now staples of the guardians of the right to alert their followers to breaches of ideology by those on the left. One very recent signal was sent into cyberspace notifying adherents that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex, the unabashed Democratic Socialist from New York City, appeared in a photo shoot in a $3,500 outfit, hardly the rags of socialism. The text the twitterer posted zinged to his thousands of followers:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who pretends to be a champion of the people & believes the unemployment went down because were (sic) taking two jobs, just posed in a photoshoot with a $3,500 outfit, $625 shoes all while saying the rich have too much power.

Praise the Lord that the eyes, ears, and iPhones of these fashion fascionistas are dedicated 24/7 to revealing the impure behavior of lefties and, in this case, socialists. The twitter leader, Charlie Kirk, a 20-something savant,  is a rising star of the right wing who founded his own not-for-profit, Turning Point USA, dedicated to educating students about conservatism and the free market. The organization maintains a “Professor Watch” to identify faculty who discriminate against conservative students and promote left wing propaganda. Watchdogs of this type are essential. It is not known whether Turning Point will establish a couture page on its website to document the noveau mufti misrobing incidents by lefties.

Not to be outdone, Democratic Socialist Ocasio-Cortez anti-tweeted:

  • The alt-right doesn’t seem to understand the concept of magazine shoots.
  • You don’t get to keep the clothes, duh.
  • I don’t “pretend” to fight for a Living Wage & Medicare for All. I do it.
  • Get used to me slaying lewks because I am an excellent thrift shopper.

Based upon mere textual analysis, the anti-tweet rates much higher than Kirk’s pedestrian put down, in part because it appears correct that he has not been exposed to the style pages of newspapers or magazines that would have informed him of the nature of photo shoots. Moreover, Ocasio-Cortez scored a double-header, double entendre with her use of the term “lewk.” It is alternately defined as “low-cost electronic warfare killer” or used by millennials to describe those who will never fit in socially. In either definition, Kirk is on a petard both for his cultural ignorance as well as classifying a socialist as “rich” because of the manner of dress. Touche.

If fashion conflict is the new normal in the arsenal of the right, we surely can look forward to even more frantic and fierce criticism of lefties who transgress the very principles that they espouse and belie in their clothing. The “I really don’t care” jacket worn by Melania Trump has faded into obscurity.





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