Not So Long Ago . . .

July 9,   1777: NY elects its first governor, Brig. Gen. George Clinton. 

               1877: First Wimbledon Tournament held.

               2011: South Sudan gains its independence.

July 10, 1940: Battle of Britain begins.

               1991: B. Yeltsin becomes first president of Russian Federation.

               1999: US women win soccer’s World Cup.

July 11, 1804: Burr-Hamilton duel.

               1859: Big Ben chimes for the first time.

1914: Babe Ruth makes MLB debut.

July 13, 2016: Theresa May becomes British prime minister.

July 14, 1976: Jimmy Carter wins Democratic presidential nomination.

July 15, 1606: Rembrandt is born.

               1815: Napoleon surrenders.

               1997: Gianni Versace murdered.

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