On May 25, 2018 VoxFairfax described the appalling actions of Kansas Secretary of State (and now gubernatorial candidate) Kris Kobach in trying to suppress voting by defending a state law requiring the production of original identification to prove citizenship.  (https://voxfairfax.com/2018/05/25/quixotic-quest-queers-voting-issues/).  Kobach’s Kansas quest to prove a fake claim failed even more pathetically than the President’s Commission on Voter Integrity. Well, the judge in Kansas was having none of it.

Last week, Judge Julie Robinson ruled that Kobach and his cohort had produced no credible evidence for his pet theory that large numbers of noncitizens are illegally voting in American elections. Robinson, a Republican, found Kobach’s antics so disturbing that she found him in contempt of court. When Kobach argued that the tiny number of mistaken registrations was just the “tip of the iceberg,” the judge noted, “The Court draws the more obvious conclusion that there is no iceberg; only an icicle.”

Further, the judge ordered Kobach to complete a 6-hour refresher course in trial procedure before he can renew his law license. Oh, she also ordered him to pay the ACLU’s attorneys’ fees.  Kobach decided to represent the state himself instead of utilizing the state’s attorney general, as is the usual case.  Seems like he violated the adage:  He who represents himself has a fool for an attorney.   Smackdown!

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